Meet The Only Pair Of Gloves You'll Ever Want To Wear!

"Talon" Tactical Gloves

By Savage Badger

$33.99 (Regularly priced $65.99)

  • These almost indestructible gloves are made from "Super Fiber", ensuring maximum protection against cuts, lacerations, and abrasion for minimum weight.
  • Reinforced knuckles made from thermoresistant rubber absorb most shocks and protect the bones, blood vessels, and skin.
  • Neoprene fiber keeps your hands and fingers warm while removing moisture.
  • Touchscreen compatible.
  • Palm padding protects against cuts and ensures a firm grip on any type of tool.
  • High quality weaving makes the "Talon" tactical gloves comfortable, durable, and breathable.
  • Adjustable fiber and metal straps lock your gloves in place even during the most demanding physical task.
  • Great for camping, hiking, biking, gardening, training, and so much more.


This is his review:

Knuckle Protection:
"The one-piece anatomically shaped rubber knuckles provide good impact resistance even when punching concrete walls with uneven surfaces. While there is some shock felt after impact on the fist and wrist, there was no bruising or chafing."
Resistance To Cuts And Tears:
"While breaking the windshield and removing shards of glass, the gloves protected my hands and fingers perfectly. The knife and broken beer glass did some damage to the outer layer of the gloves after repeated swipes, but neither went through the material to cause injury to my palms or fingers. I also noted very good protection while grabbing barbed wire. The palm area protects the hands from impact and abrasion while ensuring a good grip on tools."
Overall Assessment:
"In my opinion, the gloves are well built from quality materials and offer good protection. I consider that they can be recommended to law enforcement units and airsoft/sports activities, camping and gardening. The breathable elastic fiber is wear-resistant, lightweight and quick-drying. The rubber knuckle reinforcement offers good protection. The touchscreen compatibility feature is a nice addition."


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